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Pad Thai recipe: Easy to make popular Thai dish

If you haven't yet had the pleasure of cooking or eating Pad Thai, you should definitely give it a try.

What is Pad Thai?

Pad Thai is Thailand’s national dish, characterized by fried rice noodles, tofu, dried shrimp, bean sprouts and eggs. However, even this traditional dish has its variations, which are no less delicious than the original recipe. 

Pad thai
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After 1932, when the monarchy was ended in Thailand, a public competition was held to choose the national dish. The winner was Pad Thai, whose recipe included rice noodles, radishes, sprouts, peanuts and eggs. The secret to the delicious taste of this recipe is the rice noodles, which are flavored with sugar, tamarind, lime juice, vinegar and fish sauce. Since every person has a different taste, Pad Thai you should serve with ground red chili, white vinegar, fish sauce and lime juice.

Pad Thai recipe: Easy to make popular Thai dish

Difficulty: Intermediate Prep time 15 min Cook time 25 min Total time 40 mins
Servings: 2



  1. To enjoy the dish as the Thais do, you need to marinate the meat several days in advance. Wash the meat, remove the skin and cut it into small cubes. Make a marinade from soy sauce and chopped chili peppers, put the meat in it and store it in the fridge for at least one day.
  2. Pour hot water over the rice noodles and let them soften - you don't need to boil them.
  3. Peel and finely chop the onion. Wash, clean and cut the carrots into fine strips.
  4. Rinse the soybean sprouts under water and let them drain. Chop the peanuts into very small pieces - you can use a blender or mortar to help.
  5. Deep-fry the pickled meat in hot oil with butter - in this case, a wok pan is ideal.
  6. Add the onion and carrot - saute for a maximum of 5 minutes.
  7. Pour the squeezed juice of two limes, teriyaki sauce, brown sugar into the pan and mix everything.
  8. Push the mixture to one side and knock one egg into the empty space and mix it a few times. Finally, mix all the ingredients.
  9. Finally, add the noodles and sprouts that you drained earlier to the mixture. Sprinkle everything with spring onions and serve with crushed peanuts and chopped fresh herbs.


  • If you want to impress your family or friends, even beginners can master Pad Thai. You will find many recipes for delicious dishes that will guide you step by step, just look for a Pad Thai recipe or Pad Thai noodles.
  • An alternative to Pad Thai with chicken is Pad Thai with shrimp, which will leave you licking your lips for a long time. And if you just don't dare, there is nothing easier than going to the famous Pad Thai restaurant near you, but the Pad Thai menu is also offered by all Asian Pad Thai restaurants.

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