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Classic Gingerbread Cake – Simple recipe

The recipe for the classic gingerbread cake is simple and won’t take you long.

Classic gingerbread cake
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How to enrich the classic gingerbread?

The basic recipe of our favorite gingerbread is done. But how to enrich this great dessert and make it even better? A classic chocolate glaze can be a great choice. Prepare the topping after baking the gingerbread and let it solidify on the surface of the dessert before serving.

You can also add walnuts or, for example, coconut to the dough itself to accentuate the flavours. Such ingredients change the taste, and immediately make a completely different and original dessert.

You can also improve the surface of the gingerbread itself with other ingredients that you might not immediately think of. The gingerbread goes perfectly with fruits, so you can rub the surface of the gingerbread with jam. It is up to you whether you prefer strawberry or apricot, you can also try plum jam.

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How to make the bingerbread better?

If you do not want to add any ingredient or glaze on top of the gingerbread, you can relax during the preparation of the batter itself. You can add about four handfuls of finely chopped walnuts to the dough. Add about 3 teaspoons of jam or plum jam right to the batter. After adding the ingredients and baking, an interesting fluffy gingerbread will be created, in which the smell and taste of plum and nuts will significantly emerge from the cake itself.

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In the same way, it is possible to add a grated coconut or a chocolate glaze.

Classic Gingerbread Cake – Simple recipe

Difficulty: Beginner Prep time 10 min Cook time 45 min Total time 55 mins



  1. Cream the eggs with sugar and oil, then add flour and all other ingredients.
  2. Mix thoroughly and pour the batter into a high-sided baking pan.
  3. The gingerbread is baked for about 40 to 45 minutes at 180 degrees Celsius.


In addition to sprinkling with powdered sugar, the classic gingerbread can also be decorated with chocolate glaze.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Can you freeze gingerbread cake?

Yes, you can store gingerbread cake in the freezer. We recommend eating it within 2 months at the latest.

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