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Salmon baked in the oven easily and quickly

The recipe for oven-baked salmon is a specialty. You don't have to go to a restaurant to enjoy this luxurious dish. If you know how to do it, you can prepare a delicious dish at home.

This baked salmon can compete with salmon prepared by top chefs. Its preparation is also easy, quick, and besides quality salmon you need almost no other ingredients.

Great side dishes for salmon

Before you start preparing the salmon, consider what kind of side dish you will prepare for it. Boiled potatoes in the skin, chips and salad are all great accompaniments. If you can’t resist hollandaise sauce, you can whip it up while the salmon is in the oven. The combination of hollandaise and salmon is divine.

Recipe salmon baked in the oven
Recipe salmon baked in the oven. Photo source: Timolina /

How to tell when salmon is cooked and ready to eat

Keep an eye on what’s going on inside the oven while it’s baking. Overcooked salmon in the oven is dried out and even the largest amount of hollandaise won’t improve it. If you’re not sure if the salmon is cooked through, test it with a fork. Simply prick the salmon. If the fish separates easily from the fork, you’re done. The change in colour from orange to a dull pink also indicates that the salmon is cooked through.

Salmon baked in the oven easily and quickly

Difficulty: Beginner


And now to the salmon itself. The fresher and better quality salmon you buy, the more you will enjoy it. Of course, we know that it is difficult to find fresh salmon in the some places. But definitely prefer chilled to frozen salmon. And as for its preparation, the easier it is, the more you will appreciate the taste of the fish itself. Therefore, the following recipe consists of only a few ingredients.



  1. Start by preheating your oven to 200 °C and your hot-air oven to 180 °C. While the oven heats up, prepare the salmon.

    As far as the utensils are concerned, you only need a cutting board on which to season the salmon and a baking dish in which to bake it.

  2. First, wash it with lukewarm water and wipe dry with kitchen paper towels.
  3. Place the salmon fillets skin side down and drizzle the top with olive oil, using your fingers to spread the oil over the entire surface of the salmon.
  4. Then salt and pepper each piece and help yourself again with your fingers. This is the only way to ensure that the salmon is evenly seasoned.
  5. Don't skimp on the amount of salt and pepper, as they add flavour to the fish. Once you are done, place the salmon on the foil (the oven version on baking paper is also used), again skin side down, and place in a baking dish.
  6. Definitely do not cover the baking dish with anything. The baking time of the salmon depends on the thickness of the individual pieces. However, allow a time range of 4 to 6 minutes.


Serving salmon: simple and tasty

As we mentioned in the introduction, the salmon goes well with hollandaise sauce, potatoes and a light salad. But you can also bet on herbs and fresh bread. Always serve the salmon with the skin it was baked with. If you try to separate the skin from the baked salmon, the salmon might fall apart and instead of a nice-looking fillet, you will end up with a salmon that looks like it came from a tin, which would be a shame. And don't forget to serve the salmon with fresh lemon, which adds freshness to the dish.

After you prepare the salmon according to this recipe, we guarantee you will not prepare it any other way. Oven-baked salmon is easy to prepare, the dish is ready quickly and its taste is equal to that of baked salmon served in luxury restaurants.

And if you like to experiment in the kitchen and want to try other ways of preparing salmon, you should definitely try salmon prepared raw and smoked. Also try the recipes for other fish recipes.

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